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  • Some Natural History of China

    Black musk deer; increasing numbers of Asian elephants in the jungles of southern Yunnan; Pere David's deer, reintroduced from European deer parks such as Woburn Abbey; Gongshan muntjac deer; dugongs in, e.g., the Hepu Dugong National Nature Reserve; Tibetan macaques; clouded leopards in southern China; Sichuan deer (a kind of red deer); reindeer in Inner Mongolia; Eurasian lynxes; Tibetan gazelles; possibly a few South China Tigers in the mountains of the south (there are plans to reintroduce them to special nature reserves); rhesus monkeys; Chinese water deer; Asian wild cats; Tibetan wolves on the Tibetan plateau; Bactrian deer; snow leopards in Tibet and the high mountains of western China; Anhui musk deer; Alashan wapiti; marbled cats; extremely rare Hainan black-crested gibbons in Hainan's Bawangling National Nature Reserve; Francois' langurs; Bobak marmots; and Przewalski's gazelles, are among the many wild animals of this huge land.

    Shanghai Cafe wishes you a comfortable stay in your Kunshan hotel. When you get the chance, stay in some of the famous, luxurious and/or historic hotels of your destinations. The Renaissance Suzhou Hotel in Suzhou China, the Imperial Hotel in Delhi, Raffles Hotel in Singapore where the Singapore Sling was invented in the hotel's Long Bar, the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong, the Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong and the Shangri-La Hotel in Lhasa. are some of the world's most famous hotels.

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