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  • Some Fauna of China

    Several races of small muntjak deer Muntiacus muntjak, among which females are without antlers and males have small but dangerous tusks; Chinese alligators Alligator sinensis, once almost extinct in the wild but saved by captive breeding and returned to its (restored) natural habitat; raccoon dogs Nyctereutes procyonoides, mostly nocturnal predators, hunting in small packs and able to climb trees; rare François' langurs Trachypithecus francoisi, actually lutungs and sometimes called Francois' leaf monkeys, inhabiting the woodlands of southwestern China; Malayan sun bears Helarctos malayanus, smallest of the bears, in the tropical forests of Yunnan province; beautiful red pandas Ailurus fulgens, vegetarians with raccoon-like faces, in the temperate mountain forests of western China; Eurasian elk (moose) Alces alces, huge deer among which the males have enormously broad antlers, in the forests bordering Russia; red foxes Vulpes vulpes, shared with lands as distant as Britain and the USA but particularly crafty in Chinese folklore; a number of species of giant fruit bat, including the Indian flying fox Pteropus giganteus with wingspans up to a staggering five feet, in the tropical forests of southwestern China; and Himalayan tahrs Hemitragus jemlahicus, beardless wild goats on the wooded slopes of that range, are some of the wild creatures of this country.

    We wish you an enjoyable stay at your chosen Jinzhong hotel. The famous and/or historic hotels of the world are major destinations in their own right. Raffles Hotel in Singapore where the Singapore Sling was invented in the hotel's Long Bar, the Hotel Icon in Hong Kong, the Hotel Baur au Lac in Zurich, the ultra-modern Hotel Unique Sao Paulo in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Cap d'Antibes, the historic Belmond Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro and the Savoy Hotel in London. are among the historic, famous and/or luxurious of the international hotels.

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