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  • Shanghai Cafe wishes you a comfortable stay in your Hecheng hotel. Seasoned travellers will become acquainted with the famous hotels in their destinations. The Mandarin Oriental Pudong in Shanghai, the Goldeneye Hotel (once the home of James Bond author Ian Fleming) in Jamaica's Oracabessa Bay, the Intercontinental Sao Paulo in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel in Macau, the Belmond Hotel das Cataratas, in the Iguassu National Park, Brazil, the Hotel Icon in Hong Kong and the Casas da Villa in Trancoso, Brazil. are among the classic or luxury hotels of the world.

    Myths, Legends and Folklore of China

    How Monkey was given a magical weapon by a Dragon King but misused it by trying to conquer the world; how an unburied corpse, with the legs traditionally bound together, may become a chiang-shih, a "hopping ghost", blind but vampiric and with powers that may include flight, long and prehensile eyebrows, powerful breath and the ability to change its appearance; how each earthly house had both human and spiritual dwellers, including a kitchen spirit that was bribed with sweets so that he would not give, each new year, an unfavourable report to the Emperor of Heaven; how the smiling god of longevity, Shou-lao, records the time of a person's natural death as soon as that person is born; how Monkey was released from his mountain prison, to accompany the pilgrim Thang Seng and his assistant Pig on their quest to the Western Paradise, to bring back the original teachings of Buddha; how victims of drowning became ghosts (kuei) until another unfortunate person drowned at the same place (an event that the kuei might therefore initiate); and how Monkey, as Master of the Heavenly Peach Orchard, was slighted by not being invited to the Peach Festival and avenged himself by eating and drinking all of the food and drink at the festival, are among the myths, legends and folktales of China. (We do not promote superstition and they are presented for your interest only.)

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