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  • Some Fauna of China

    Przewalski's horse (Mongolian wild horse) Equus przewalski, similar to those represented in prehistoric French cave paintings and reintroduced to the steppes of northwestern China from captive European populations such as the one at Woburn Abbey; Eastern hoolock gibbons Hoolock leuconedys in the tropical forests of Yunnan near Myanmar (Burma); red foxes Vulpes vulpes, shared with lands as distant as Britain and the USA but particularly crafty in Chinese folklore; takins Budorcas taxicolor, strange looking wild oxen, roaming the rhododendron and bamboo clad hills and mountains of western China; reputedly ferocious wolverines Gulo gulo, also called gluttons, in the forests bordering russia; omnivorous Siberian chipmunks Eutamias sibiricus, in appearance superficially similar to their more famous American cousins and sharing the habit of carrying food in cheek pouches; Himalayan tahrs Hemitragus jemlahicus, beardless wild goats on the wooded slopes of that range; several races of small muntjak deer Muntiacus muntjak, among which females are without antlers and males have small but dangerous tusks; Eurasian elk (moose) Alces alces, huge deer among which the males have enormously broad antlers, in the forests bordering Russia; and iconic giant pandas Ailuropoda melanoleuca, not closely related to the true or "red" pandas and surviving, with help, in the bamboo forests of Szechwan, are some of the wild creatures of this country.

    Shanghai Cafe wishes you a comfortable stay in your Guangpo hotel. The famous and/or historic hotels of the world are major destinations in their own right. The Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong, the Iguazu Grand Resort Spa and Casino in Puerto Iquazu, Brazil, the Campo Bahia Resort in Bahia, Brazil, the Goldeneye Hotel (once the home of James Bond author Ian Fleming) in Jamaica's Oracabessa Bay, L'Hotel Porto Bay sao Paulo in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Palace of the Lost City at Sun City in South Africa and the Hotel Lisboa and its famous casino in Macau. are among the historic, famous and/or luxurious of the international hotels.

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