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  • Myths, Legends and Folklore of China

    How the souls of people eaten by tigers were enslaved by the big cats until until their ghosts (kuei) had lured someone else to a similar fate; how victims of drowning became ghosts (kuei) until another unfortunate person drowned at the same place (an event that the kuei might therefore initiate); how, during the quest to the Western Paradise, the Buddhist pilgrim Thang Seng disciplined Monkey by means of a magical, squeezing helmet; how Monkey became drunk while conquering the world, enabling his heavenly foes to send him to Hell; how Yu-ti and his wife Wang-mu rule heaven and, at one time, aided their earthly counterparts; how an unburied corpse, with the legs traditionally bound together, may become a chiang-shih, a "hopping ghost", blind but vampiric and with powers that may include flight, long and prehensile eyebrows, powerful breath and the ability to change its appearance; and how there are five kinds of lung (dragon), specifically the ethereal dragons of the rain and wind, the earthly dragons that created rivers and lakes, the five-clawed imperial dragons (most dragons are depicted with four claws), heavenly guardian dragons and dragons that protect hidden treasures, are among the myths, legends and folktales of China. (We do not promote superstition and they are presented for your interest only.)

    We hope that you enjoy your stay in your Fengyi hotel. When you get the chance, stay in some of the famous, luxurious and/or historic hotels of your destinations. The historic Convento do Carmo Hotel in Salvador, Brazil, the New Stanley Hotel in Nairobi, the Grand Hyatt Macau, the Royal Tulip Rio de Janeiro, the Iguazu Grand Resort Spa and Casino in Puerto Iquazu, Brazil, the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles and the Savoy Hotel in London. are some of the world's most famous hotels.

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