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  • Sightseeing in China

    The Ming Tombs, guarded by stone soldiers, officials and animals along the Sacred Way, near Beijing; Beiwenquan (the Northern Hot Springs park) and Nanwenquan (the Southern Hot Springs Park) in Chongqing; the Temple of the Town Gods, the site of fairs since the 15th century, in Shanghai; Bishushanzhuang, the imperial gardens, lakes and palaces in Chengde, including the Refreshing Mist-Veiled Waters Pavilion and Wanshuyuan (the Garden of Ten Thousand Trees); the 1930s mock Tudor, art deco and Gothic mansions and villas in Shanghai's old French Quarter; the Imperial Palace Museum (the Forbidden City), overlooked by the ancient man-made hills of Jingshan Park, in Beijing; Wanlichangcheng (the Great Wall of China), restored sections of which are at Badaling and Mutianyu; and the famous Tiananmen Square, the largest in the world, in Beijing, are a few of the attractions and sights of China.

    We wish you an enjoyable stay at your chosen Dangbizhen hotel. Seasoned travellers will become acquainted with the famous hotels in their destinations. The Excelsior Hotel in Hong Kong near the famous noonday gun, Christian's Hotel in Luoyang China, the Langham Shanghai Xintiandi in Shanghai, the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel in Macau, the Polana Hotel in Maputo, the Goldeneye Hotel (once the home of James Bond author Ian Fleming) in Jamaica's Oracabessa Bay and the Peace Hotel (formerly the renowned Cathay Hotel) in Shanghai. are internationally renowned hotels.

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