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  • Some Fauna of China

    A number of races of argali Ovis ammon, including Marco Polo sheep (Pamir argali), roaming in the mountainous terrain of Tibet and northwestern China; gaurs Bos gaurus, largest of the wild oxen, in the tropical forests of Yunnan; wild dogs Cuon alpinus, also called dholes, rare but surviving in southeastern Tibet and possibly other areas; snow leopards Uncia uncia in the wild mountains of Tibet and nortwestern China, where they prey on animals such as argalis and marmots; rare François' langurs Trachypithecus francoisi, actually lutungs and sometimes called Francois' leaf monkeys, inhabiting the woodlands of southwestern China; Asiatic elephants Elephas maximus in the diminished forests of Yunnan, where they survive because they are fed by humans (it is better than no elephants at all); wolves Canis lupus, including a Tibetan race, still found in the sparsely populated regions of Tibet and northwestern China; Nepal gray langurs Semnopithecus schistaceus, true langurs of the Himalayas; Sambar deer Rusa unicolor in the wooded, tropical areas of southern China; and reputedly ferocious wolverines Gulo gulo, also called gluttons, in the forests bordering russia, are some of the wild creatures of this country.

    Shanghai Cafe wishes you a comfortable stay in your Beijiao hotel. The famous and/or historic hotels of the world are major destinations in their own right. The Queen Mary in Long Beach, the Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi, the Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund, the Grand Coloane Beach Resort in Macau, the Chelsea Hotel in New York, the PuLi Hotel and Spa in Shanghai and the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles. are among the historic, famous and/or luxurious of the international hotels.

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