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The super-modern architecture of Pudong, Shanghai, including the Jinmao Plaza; the National Museum of China in Beijing; Qinshihuang Bingmayong (the Museum of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses), thirty km to the east of Xi'an, where the Qin Dynasty army of terracotta warriors, horses, artisans and entertainers, that guarded the tomb of emperor Qinshi Huangdi, are on display; beautiful views from Moon Hill, quite close to Yangshuo which lies on the equally beautiful Li River; Nayunting (Catch-Cloud Pavilion) on the hill Diecaishan, Guilin; the beautiful Yuyuan Garden with ponds, rockeries and the Hall of Ten Thousand Flowers, in Shanghai's Old City; magnificent colonial buildings along Zhongshan Road, Shanghai, including the Peace Hotel (once called the Cathay), the Seamen's Club (once the British Consulate) and the Bund18 shopping centre (once the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China), as well as the building that once housed the HQ of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank (from which HSBC gets its name); Wanlichangcheng (the Great Wall of China), restored sections of which are at Badaling and Mutianyu; and Dufucaotang, the home of Dufu, the greatest poet of the Tang dynasty, in Chengdu, are among the sights of China.

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